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App: Street Art Berlin

Der App Store empfiehlt Kunst + Kultur in Berlin. Als Highlight meine App: Street Art Berlin.

App Street Art Berlin

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Street Art Copenhagen

Last summer I have visited Copenhagen and collected 72 photos of street art. Some fresh murals which have been produced for the exhibition ‘Surface’ of the photographer Søren Solkærs.

Street Art by Conor Harrington

An amazing wall by Conor Harrington. The entire series of Copenhagen is online. Or stroll through my collection of more than two thousand photos of street art from around the world.

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St. Mary’s Cathedral

The amazing St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo, completed 1964, is the second portrait of japanese architecture. The architect Kenzo Tange designed a shape of eight hyperbolic parabolas to create a wonderful space of concrete and light in the style of brutalism.

St Mary Cathedral, Tokyo

The St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo and San Francisco are quite familiar in the language of architecture. Have a look to the photos of the buildings by Kenzo Tange and Pier Luigi Nervi.

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