Hebbel Theater


Firendly gestures with mobile devices
In cooperation with Nicole Bednarzyk
2001 - University of the arts, Berlin

Three photo stories - daily life with new technologies.
Love, Jealousy and technical accidents.

Tina's weekend Mama ante Portas Lovestory
Kühlschrank Küchentisch Flirt in der Bar

What is the SYSM (See You See Mee) sensor ? The sensor determines on the base of a constant detection query (GPS), whether several persons of a self defined group are inside a certain radius. If this is the case, the SYSM sensor will be activated. The users get a message on their display who is in the neighborhood. The persons can decide if they like to meet eachother spontaneous.

See You See Mee is available for dowload right here.
Projector 23.5 Mb - Mac OSX only.